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I'm Keiara, 
Engaged to my high school sweetheart Kurt & mum to 3 little kiddies - Mila, Lincoln & Regan.

Kurt & I have always both had a vision of being parents.
Kurt's parents struggled with fertility which was hereditary so we always knew there could be a chance we have the same struggles.

When we fell pregnant with our daughter Mila we were over the moon - we had some complications where she was born with a cleft lip & palate which required surgeries (with more to come) & feeding difficulties but we both just ADORED being parents.

when Mila was only 9 months old we eagerly fell pregnant for a second time, the thought of having a miscarriage didn't even cross my mind.

At the first ultrasound they had trouble finding the fetus, my HCG was going up but very slowly... Long story short - I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy where my baby had implanted in my tube... So as well as losing our second little bub, we also lost my left fallopian tube.
Click here to learn more about my Ectopic pregnancy.

I felt SO alone in this time, but was one of the lucky ones that has an amazing online community to be there with me to support me every step of the way.
It's still one of the hardest things I personally have gone through.

I can't imagine going through something like that with no support.... 
That's why we have chosen to Sponsor The Pink Elephant Charity - to help support those who are grieving from early pregnancy loss & have the resources & support that is lacking. 

Pink Elephants provides the latest resources, information and peer-support for anyone impacted by early pregnancy loss. Using evidence, empathy and connection, our unique digital-first approach offers a single source of specialist support, whenever and wherever it’s needed — for anyone who has directly experienced it, for family and friends, corporate partners or healthcare professionals seeking proven ways to help. 

Instead of seeing early pregnancy loss as a moment in time, we offer support through the entire journey. With so much of the current experience of miscarriage based on old science, outdated perceptions, social anxiety and mistruths, Pink Elephants aims to right the story of early pregnancy loss by smashing the stigma and leading a new narrative, creating a healthier experience for all.
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